> September 2018 New Inventory

Full Shot of Wooden Fishing Rod & Reel
Early Adjustable Hearth Trammel
Vintage Wooden Boat
Another Shot of Wooden Boat
Stocking Stretchers
Metal File Drawer
Early Fishing Harpoon
Old Chair Pads
Early Peg Hooks
19th Century Spindle Back Bench with Bentwood Arms
Another Shot of Bench
Early Dropleaf Table with Drawer
Old Desk Insert
A (6)
1 (4)
A (8)
1 (6)
1 (13)
Early Fishing Net on Long Carved Pole
Closeup of Netting
Early Wooden Fishing Rod & Reel
Back shot of Reel
Old Egg Basket
Old Floor Bucket
Double Wheel Pulley
Small Yellowware Bowl
Old Brick Mold
Early Floral Wall TIe
Warren Lightning Rod
Early Grinding Stone
Holstein Bell No 1
Closeup of Label
Industrial Drawers
Wooden Trellis