> September 2014 New Inventory

Old Picnic Baskets
Early Furniture Panels
Old Rolltop Desk Interior
Old Painted Platform
Old Rolltop Desk Drawers
Early Iron Balance Scale with 5 Weights
Victorian Wall Mount Oil Lamp Bracket with Mount
19th Century Dropleaf Table with Drawer
2 Pairs of Old Sawhorses
Early Paneled Door
Slider Door Hardware
Converted Oil Lamp
Early Canning Jars
Diminutive A.B. Wade Tray
20th Century Hand Woven Splint Basket
Victorian Wall Mount Oil Lamp Brackets
Early Painted Barn Door
Early Batten Door
Early Batten Door
Slate Board & Apple Corer
Early Brass Hanging Scales
19th Century Alphabet Sampler A.W. Champion 1818
Closeup of Sampler
19th Century Henry Troemner Apothecary Scale
Old Bolt Sorter
Old Bolt Sorter
Wooden Bowls
The Torsion Balance Co, NY Apothecary/Chemist Scale
The Torsion Balance Co, NY Apothecary/Chemist Scale
Converted Oil Lamp
Old Tin, Glass & Screen Pie Safe with Tin Interior Stand
19th Century Empire 2 Drawer Stand
19th Century Paint Decorated Box
Industrial Scoop
Old Pond Boat & Lobster Trap Float
2 Vintage Metal Chairs
Old Barn Door
Pair of Children's Sock Stretchers
Old Door Panels
Barber's Booster Seats
Old Corn Cutters
Old Church Hymnal Board
Hymnal Board
Wooden Spoons, Wooden Spoons, Wooden Spoons
Rolling Pins, Rolling Pins, Rolling Pins
Old Clam Basket
19th Century 2 Door Drysink with Shelf and Drawer
Mashers, Mashers, Mashers
Mashers, Mashers, Mashers
Step Ladder, Bench, Milking Stool