> November 2016 New Inventory

Old Cart
9 Early Mast Hoops
Early Cleavers
Eskay's Albumenized Food Bottle with Zinc Lid
Early Marlin Spikes
Old Shipwrights Hammer, Wood & Metal
Misc Sewing Advertising
Small Fireplace Crane
Vintage Metal Entrance Sign
Have You Weighed Heavy Metal Sign
Oversized Crate on Castors
Blue Metal Industrial Stool
Old Hoffman Crate
Old Painted Grain Bin with Lift Off Top, Hinged Front
Another shot of the chest
19th Century One Drawer Work Table in Original Surface
19th Century PA Pine Slant Front Desk
Early Divided Carriers
Early Coin Tils
Early Divided Trays
Vintage Hat Stands
Old Philadelphia Bulletin Bench
3 Early Store Stands
Victorian Style Hat/Wig Stands
Iron Display Stands
Old Cranberry Crates
Early Pairs of Shoes
Early Pairs of Shoes
Early Pairs of Shoes
Individual Vintage Shoes
63 Cubby Hardware Piece
63 Cubby Hardware Piece
Closeup of Cubby Piece
Old Fireworks Crate
Vintage Tins
23 Piece Vintage Christmas Feather Tree Fence Display
Early Bed Posts
19th Century Grain Painted Bin with Divided Interior and Canted Front
Side View of Bin
Pair of Early Floral Decorative Doors
Closeup of Floral Decor on Door
Early Decorative Oversized Door
Early Carved Decorative Pair of Doors
Vintage Truck Door
Misc Archtitectural
Vintage Wallpaper Cutter/Industrial Stand
Closeup of Seal
Early White Painted Paneled Door
Old Bed Posts
Old Scale with Weights and Brass Tray