> August 2011 New Inventory

Early Painted Bench
Early Mortised Bench
Detail of Mortised Bench
Wallace Nutting Exterior
Folding Slatted Bench
Painted Primitive Stool
Early Primitive Stool
Painted Milking Stools
Painted Milking Stools
Cream Can
Painted wire basket
Pillar Base
Goat (kid) feeder
Early Carrier
Framed Wire Fence Piece
Glass Door Knobs
Old Child's Toy Propeller
Early Jacks
Early Beveled Glass Door
Old Tricycle
The Midwester Tractor
Early Stoneware Jar
Early Wax Seal Stoneware Jar
Early Wooden Boot Mold
Vineyard Yacht Club, MA Pewter Trophy Bowl
Early Bucket
Early Handwoven Socks/Stockings
Old Street Light Fixture Frame
Gray Painted Tool Chest
Old Violin Cases
Folding Wash Table
Folding Wallpaper Table
Painted Blue Palnt Stand
Feed Bag Holder with Bag
Terrific Feed Bag Holder
Green Painted Bin
Old Pulley
Philadelphia Asparagus Buncher
Closeup shot of Asparagus Buncher
Selection of Early Advertising Crates
Primitive Tool Carrier
Walker-Gordon Laboratory Milk Box
Closeup Shot of Walker-Gordon Laboratory Milk Box
Early Gate/Door with Strap Hinges
1930's-40's Hooked Rug
Early Flour Chest
Early Freihofer Bread Box
Early Bucket with Rope Handle