> May 2016 New Inventory

Early Tin Repurposed Lamp
Old Ladder
Early Platform Scale
19th Century Federal Style 4 Drawer Chest
Late 18th Early 19th Century Wagon Seat
Early Converted Oil Lamp
4 Chest Legs
Rayo No 2A Cold Blast Lantern
Early Dough Scraper,Fox Hunting Horn, Rolling Pin, Cutter
Misc Grouping
Early Dough Board with Roller
Side photo of roller
Back of Dough Board
Small Scale with Tray
12" Diameter Early Rye Basket
Early Painted Wooden Bowl, Oyster over Green
Bottom Shot of Painted Bowl
Early 19th Century Diminutive Ovoid Jug
Early Woven Splint Basket with Bentwood Handle
Early Mortar & Pestle
Early Dough Board
Early 4 Drawer Library Table with Turned Legs
Early Dough Box
Early Ballot Box
Early Ballot Box Inside Shot
Vignette of some of the new things
Early 19th Century Paneled Doors
Early Small Batten Door
3 Pairs of @1780 Paneled Shutters
Old Car Part
Old Car Part
Antique Copper Shower Curtain/Shower Head Ring
Albermarle Pony Jumping Trophy
Old Bellows Table
Old Tin Horns
Old Soapstone Warmers, Foot, Buggy, Bed
Vintage Ice Cream Scoopers
6 Pairs of Heavy Brass Doorknobs
Early Primtive Stool
Early Stool with Turned Legs
19th Century Folding Wool Winder, Umbrella Style with Clamp
Closeup shot of clamp
Tinware Collection
19th Century Tin Document/Lock Box
Part from an 19th Century Wool Winder
2 Early Cobbler's Shoe Lathes Stands
Oversized Rolling Pin