> March 2018 New Inventory

Organ Music Ledge
Old Heater Grates
Heater Grates
Triangle Scaffold Hangers
Triangle Scaffold Hangers
Old Organ Panel
Old Organ Part
Single Decorative Painted Corbel
Pair of Cabinet Doors
Old Windows
Early Window Top
Industrial Base
Side shot of industrial base
Decorative Facade Pieces
Old Roto Hoe Piece
Blue Industrial Painted Base
Old Cupboard Door
6 Panel Exterior Door
Early 6 Panel Door
2 Pairs of Door Rollers
Old Organ Keys
Early Clothing Rack
closeup of rack
overhead shot of rack
Seabrooks Crate
Old Bin
Old Grain Painted Drawers
20 Slot Cigar Mold
Another Shot of Mold
Hand Stitched Floral Quilt
Closeup of Quilt
Old Door Panels
Louvered Interior Shutters
Oak 8 Pane Windows with a Slight Curve to the Frame
Old Larkin Soap Crate
Early Door Frame Trim
Top of Door Frame
Acme Egg Grading Scale
Newel Post Finial
Old Brass Boat Propeller
Old Watering Cans
2 Small Shovels
Old Pulley Wheel
Mortar & Pestle
Old Washboards
Old Carriage Wheels
Old Tractor Seat
19th Century Drop Leaf Table