> June 2018 New Inventory

4 Wagon Wheel
Single Cupboard Doors with Hardware
Old Cupboard Door
Old Wheel Alignment Sign
Chicken Feeders
Old Cleat
Red Folding Chairs
Another shot of chairs
Another shot of chairs
Abbott's Milk Crates
Iron Bracket
Old Wooden Pulls
Old Heater Grate Face
Old Wash Tub Stand
Small Wheelbarrel Sides for Child's Wheelbarrel
Setup of 2  Twin Mantels
Early Dovetailed Hooded Cradle
Table with Repurposed Top
Old Screens
Pair of Sink Brackets
Old Wagon Side
Closeup of Wagon Side
Cast Iron Lathe Base
Decorative Iron Pieces
Old Truck Grill
Truck Grill
Painted Bench
Canted Sides Carrier
Erdner's Farm Crates
Metal Tool Trays
3 Drawer Parts Bin
Just like this setup!
26 Drawered Counter with Metal Top
Back/Front Side of Counter
Old Wire Basket
McKissick Pulley Block
Set of 4 Spice Tins
Old Butter Presses
Gray Agate Collander
Enamelware Collanders
Del Monte Crate
Old Seed Board
Old Seed Boards
Old General Store Vented Tin Cheese Cover
Arched Heating Greate Faces
Vintage Mixing Bowls
Wooden & Metal Small Propellers
Oval Galvinized Tub