> Furniture 2018

Early Desk Drawer Insert
Early Tapered Leg Side Table
DIminutive 19th Century Dough Box
Make do Round Table with Queen Ann Legs
Pair of Painted Plank Bottom Chairs
Early One Drawer Washstand
2 Door Cupboard
19th Century 4 Drawer Grain Painted Chest
19th Century Painted Corner Cupboard Base
Open shot of base
Early One Drawer Stand
Beautiful 19th Century 2 Piece Cupboard
Early One Drawer Work Table
6 Door Cupboard
Early Dropleaf Table with Short Leaves in Original Red Paint
Early Seabrook Farms, Salem, NJ Dome Top Trunk
Closeup of face of trunk
19th Century 2 Door Drysink with One Drawer
Interior of Drysink
Pine Industrial Work Table with Shelf
Old Bench
19th Century 2 Door Cupboard Top
Old Bench
26 Drawered Counter with Metal Top
Back/Front Side of Counter
Early One Drawer Stand
Early Blanket Chest with Cotter Hinges, Til & Lock
Red Painted Paneled Sides Blanket Chest
Repurposed Table with Queen Ann Base
Green Cant Back Cupboard
2 Door One Drawer Cabinet
Hardware Cabinet Closed
PA Bamboo Turned 9 Spindle Windsor Chair Branded W.Cox
PA Bamboo Turned 9 Spindle Windsor Chair Branded W.Cox
Early 2 Door Tall Wardrobe with Drawers and Added Shelves
Interior shot of repurposed cupboard
Dropleaf Table
4 Drawer Cottage Chest
24 Slot Cubby
Old Wooden Folding Chairs
Metal One Drawer Stand
Old Bench
One Drawer Washstand
19th Century Spindle Back Bench with Bentwood Arms
Early Dropleaf Table with Drawer
Early Built-In Cupboard
Early Built-In Cupboard Staged
Painted Stools