> February 2018 New Inventory

Cutting Board
Early Scoop with Turned Handle
Jersey's Best Oyster Tin
Old Pulley with Rope
Vintage Acme Glass Water Cooler
10" Diam. Industrial Light Shades
Grappling Hook
Industrial Stool
Old Vintage Catcher's Mask
Pitcher Pump
19th Century 2 Door Drysink with Zinc Lining
Another Shot of Drysink
2 Door Grain Painted Cupboard Top with Interior Shelves
Interior Shelves of Cupboard
Staged Cupboard
Old Clam Rake
Close up
Early Sawbuck Table
Another Shot of Sawbuck
Dandy Dairy Red Top 1 Gallon Butter Churn
Early Hinged Louvered Shutters
Shutters with Louvers closed
Cupboard Doors
Stepped Platform
Another Shot of Platform
Early Church Corbels From Corinthian Church, Phila.
Closeup shot
Another Shot of Corbel
Early Church Corbels From Corinthian Church, Phila.
Another shot of the corbels
Captain's Style Windsor Chair
Captain's Style Windsor Chair
Old Funnel
Old Shoe Mold
Wire Basket & Soap Basket
Anchor Hocking Safety Valve Jars with Lids
Early Cutting Board
Small Display Stands
Display Stand
Galvinized Finial Top
Attorney's Sign
Beautiful Decorative Double Window
Shot of top
Doors From Leap Building Penns Grove, NJ
Early Window Guard
Closeup shot of guard
Old Sifter
Newel Posts
Another shot of newel posts