> December 2017 New Inventory

Early 5 Panel Door
Dietz Hot Blast Lantern
Old Lead Decoy Weights
A.J. Medlar Co. Fairmount Ave. Biscuit Box
Side shot of Medlar Crate
Iron Gate
Child's Vintage Shovel
Industrial Globe
Old Drafting Table with Iron Base, Adjustable
Back Shot of Table
19th Century Wagon Jack
Unusual Tin Shoe Shine Bin/Cobbler's Stand
Side Shot of Cobbler's Stand
Dutch Patch Bin
J.E. Caldwell & Co. Phila Jeweler/China Crate
Fischer Baking Co., Newark, NJ Bread Bin
Old Clock Keys
Early Leaded Glass Window
Early Leaded Glass Window
19th Century Built in Cupboard
Inside shot of cupboard
19th Century Built in Cupboard
Interior Shot of Cupboard
Adjustable Surveyor's Stand
Early Horsehair Brush
Agate Tea Strainer
Early 2 Drawer Stand with Later Paint
Another shot of stand
Early Balance Scale with 3 Weights
2 Old Tractor Seats
Old Painted Oar
Early Open Bottom Lift Top Desk
Pair of Spalding Exercise 3# Pair of Pins/2 # Pair
Early Bench Table
Bench Table Staged
Early Leaded Glass Window
American Family Scale Co.
Old Window Gate
Old Window Gate
Oak Stool
1930's Remington Monarch Portable Typewriter with Case
Old Sifter
No. 0 Clipper Rochester, NY Hot Blast Lantern
Side Shot of Lantern
Back shot of lantern
Old Grill
Industrial Stool
Galvinized Tub
Old Step Ladder
Old Step Ladder