> December 2012 New Inventory

Mashers, mashers, mashers....
Early Dough Board
Sock Stretcher
Great Early Tin Cutlery Tray
Tin Sifter/Skimmer Tray
19th Century Minor's Oil Lamp
Closeup Minor's Lamp
Leaded Glass Window
Early Six Drawer Spice Cabinet
Nice Grouping!
Rush Seat Stool
Early Blue Agate Pail with Tin Lid
Tinware Grouping
Early Mortar & Pestle
Pine Mirrors
Old Tin Horn
Nice setup of early tinware & porthole!
Old Store Bin
Old Store Bin with Glass Sides
Small Redware Crock
I brought in some advertising items from my collection!
Old Wood & Metal Pulleys
19th Century Hooked Rug
Nice Grouping of Early Kitchen Collectibles
Nice Grouping of Early Kitchen Collectibles
Nice Grouping of Early Kitchen Collectibles
19th Century Window Buck with Pair of Painted Panel Shutters
Early Wall Panels
Old Diminutive Brown Jug
Western Stoneware Co. Weir Seal Monmouth, Ill
Early Adjustable Boot Jack
Early Bottle Corker
Wm. E. Warner, West Troy, NY 2 Gallon Decorated Jug
Antique Slide Temple Spectacles, Rectangular Shape Lenses
Antique Slide Temple Spectacles
Painted Brown & Green Crosswicks, NJ Mince Meat Bucket
Crosswicks, NJ Tanner's Box Back (see next photo)
Crosswicks, NJ Tanner's Box Front (see previous photo)
Early Wm. Wallace Lard Tin
Early Ballot Box
Early Cast Iron Decorative Fence Piece
Converted Oil Lamp with Melon Shade
19th Century 4 Door Cupboard
#2 Gallon Bristol Glazed Crock
Feathered Star Quilt in Reds & Greens
Closeup of Feathered Star Quilt
19th Century One Drawer Stand
19th Century Grain Bin in Red Paint
Green Stamps Sign