> August 2012 New Inventory

Early Child's Cottage Chest
Bottom Shot of the Drawer Bottom
Early Farrier's Stand with Tools
Early Iron Row Marker
Gross Winery Sign
More Old Printed Feed Bags
Salesman's Sample Bag Wagon
Old Soda Crates
Old Soda Crates
Early Slide Lid Box Marked Guard Dept.
Old Gears
Old Iron Trough
Old Wheelbarrel
Old Wheelbarrel
Early Pair of Doors
Old Tin Funnels
Old Sled Frame
Side View of Sled Frame
Switched over the beds to summer quilts.
19th Century Wag on Wall Clock
More Feed Bags
More Feed Bags
Tin Wink, Canada Dry Thermometer
Folding Chairs
Folding Chairs
Stained Glass Window
Just a shot of some of our signs.
Old Industrial Sign
Painted Jelly Cupboard
Interior of Jelly Cupboard Drawer with Maker
Old Porcelain Sign
Matches 1 Cent
Industrial Cart
Old Industrial Cart
Pair of Furniture Legs
Decorative Iron Stove Finial
Great Early Model Boat Hull on Stand
Primitive Windsor Style Stool
Old Industrial Sign
Old Clam Rake
Old Painted Child's Chair
Old Wallpaper Folding Stand with Scaffold Top
Early Diminutive Keg
Small Slidelid Box
Old Pond Sailboats
Old Sailor's Style Shirt and Pond Boat
Raised Panels from an Early Door
Old Painted Stool
Piece of Decorative Iron
Pair of Decorative Finials