> April 2012 New Inventory

Early Step Down Arrowback Plank Bottom Chair
Early Divided Carrier
Ironstone Soap Dish
Just a quick shot of a few ironstone pieces in stock!
Early Tin Pail with Bail Handle
Redware Turks Head Mold
Diminutive Tin
Early Child's Size Tin Tea Pot
Early 14" Diameter Rockingham Glazed Yellowware Bowl
Ice Tongs
Early Hand Woven Splint Gathering Basket
Handpainted Stoneware Jar
Hand Fluters
Mid to Later 19th Century Charcoal Iron
Mid 19th Century Coal Iron
Just a few Tin Funnels
Early Wooden Bath Tub Frame
Early Bench Table
Keystone Jr. 1920's Hank Crank 16 mm Movie Projector
Iron Decorative Gate
Iron Gate
Iron Gate
Early Newel Post
Heavy Metal Rolling Pin
Old Iron Trough
Early Industrial Cart
Closeup Shot of Cart Manufacturer
Early Wooden Bowl 17" Diameter
Early Wilton, NH 1 Quart Measure
Early Work Bench
Early Brooms, Possibly Railroad
Early Painted Barn Doors
Early Measure
Early Wheat Pattern Butter Mold/Press & Hat Mold
Early Mold Maker's Sand Tamper
Early Red Painted Panel Door
I just liked this setup!
Early Copper Boiler With Lid
Simple Galvinized Tub
Very, Very, Very Big Dock Cleat
Set of Cast Iron Table and 2 Chairs
Old Anchor
Just a Neat Spring
Old Bow Saw
Old Embossed Metal Railroad Crossing Sign
Old Rudder
Old Pulleys
Early Pulleys
Old Simple Take a Number Sign
Old Metal and Glass Barrister Book Case