> November 2017 New Inventory

Ansco & Santa Clara Prunes Crate
Everlasting Valve Co., Jersey City, NJ Crate
Early Painted Mantel
Early Unpainted Mantel
Early Door with Arched Panels
Vintage Metal Chairs, Unusual Style
Old Truck Grill
Early Stake Anvil
Vintage Bike Seat
Old Iron Clamps
Furniture Accents
Large Oar Lock
Old Crate with Cut out Handles
Old Cleat
Old Anchor
Repurposed Industrial Tables
Yankee Clipper Sled
Back Side of Yankee Clipper Sled
Early Winder
Old Truck Grill
Old Screens
Old Metal Folding Chairs
Early Chimney Pot
19th Century Adjustable Trammel Hook
19th Century Adjustable Trammel Hook- Open
Vintage Trucks
Old Tool Carriers
19th Century Chimney Cupboard
19th Century Chimney Cupboard-Open
Old Iron & Wood Pulleys
Minnow Bucket
Old Iron Brackets
Old Frog Gig
Closeup of Gig
Old Iron Gate Weights
Early Hooks
Clam Rakes
Old Decoys
Mini Wheelbarrel
Old Toy Shovel
Turned Spindles
Wooden Folding Chairs
Early Table Top Dough Box
Early Table Top Dough Box
Another shot of dough box
Old Mini Pitchers/Stoneware
Old Brass Stirrups with Leather
Closeup of stirrups