> May 2017 New Inventory

Plasket Real Estate Sign, Salem, NJ
Pharmacy Bottle
Old Clam Basket
Early Seed Planting Board in Red Paint
Old Pulleys
Old Pulleys
Old Pulley
Just liked the set up!
Old Pulley
Love this grouping of inventory!
Another favorite vignette!
Hay Fork with Pulley
Old Tin
Old Tin
A bin of tin
More Tin
Old Tiller Blades
Tiller Blades
Mini Pulley
Old Door Panels
Old Printer's Tray
Kewpie Doll Chocolate Mold
Interior of Kewpie Doll Mold
Vintage Squirrel Chocolate Mold
Interior of Squirrel Mold
Double Turkey Chocolate Mold
Interior of Turkey Mold
Anton Reiche Bunny Mold 1929-39
Interior of Bunny Mold
Anton Reiche Halloween Jack-O-Lantern Hinged Chocolate Mold
Interior of Jack-O-Lantern Mold
Groom Chocolate Mold
Double Bunny in Cars/Wagon Hinged Chocolate Mold
Interior of Bunny Mold
Cat & Mouse Chocolate Mold
Egg Shaped Pewter French Ice Cream/Sorbet Mold
Interior of Mold
Vintage Floral Pewter Ice Cream Mold
Interior of Floral Mold
Early Commercial Chocolate Mold
Interior of Mold
Old Royal Typewriter
Repurposed Industrial Drafting Top Table
Early Slate Black Board on Stand
Side view of black board
Old Mouse Trap
Old Neon Lit Tin Letters A &T
Vintage Buddy L Lime Green Pick Up
Various Window Gates
Early Concrete Spindles