> August 2017 New Inventory

Old Beach Pail and Shovel
Detail of other side of Pail
Early Double Iron Hook on Strap
Double Wide Cheese Box
P.J. Ritter Co. Bridgeton, NJ Crate 1953
Old Carrier with Wood Handle
24 Old Corbels
Closeup of Corbels
Old Screens/Window Frames
Early Metal Windows with Added Rollers
Early Metal Windows with Added Rollers
24" Diameter Pulley Wheel
Early Pulley
Early Pulleys
Iron Barrel Rack
Old Wagon Wheel Hub
Ironstone Bowl
Early 4 Panel Door
Early 4 Panel Door
Transom Window
Early Industrial Base with Marriage of Old Top
Another shot of table!
4 Iron Hooks
Iron Pulley
Old Shoe Repair Sign
Pitman Area Circle W Saddle Shop
Old Bootscraper
Old Hooks
Oil Can
Just an arrow
Alloway Receipts
Shoe Shine Rest
Old Table Base with Repurposed Galvinized Top
Closeup of Table Top
Turned Post
Keep Off Signs, Swedesboro, NJ
Railing Post
Store Display Stand
Old 5 Panel Door
Early 4 Panel Door with Early Wooden Lock
3 Panel Shutter
Storm Windows
Screen Door
Old Metal Base
Early Pair of Ice Skates
Small Old Parts Drawers
Tin Cornbread/Shell Mold
Tool Box
Iron Industrial Part/Shower Head